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PicarroGlove Box

The UGA Environmental Soil Chemistry Lab is designed to conduct research on complex biogeochemical systems.  Available equipment includes:

Wyatt Flow Field Flow Fractionation and Heleos laser light scattering system

Mossbauer Spectrometer

PICARRO13C for methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) Picarro G2201-i Analyzer
Simultaneous measurement of carbon isotopes from both CO2 and CH4. Experience a unique carbon cycle solution.

Dual Chamber Anoxic/Anaerobic glove box

Custom Redox oscillation chambers and reactors

AIS DLK-100P Portable Electrochemical Analyzer

HEPA-filtered hood and workspace (“Clean Corner”) for Fe isotope preparation

Biorad gradient Gel electrophoresis

HPLC w/ Fluorescence detector