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Caitlin Hodges

IMG_3377 (1)I am interested in asking questions regarding the physical and biological processes that develop soil on an ecosystem scale. This interest has brought me to my current focus of better understanding iron redox dynamics in soil, and the effects of those dynamics on carbon and nutrient cycles.

As an undergraduate I developed a novel, passive redox probe for better characterizing the heterogeneity of iron dynamics across landscapes and ecosystems. We tested these probes across a rainfall gradient in Maui and found that iron reduction increases with rainfall due to microsites, despite oxidizing bulk-soil conditions. For my master’s research I utilize passive and active redox probes, electromagnetic induction probes, and in situ experiments at my field sites to characterize the temporal and spatial distribution of soil moisture, and in turn, iron reduction.

The majority of my research occurs at the Hawaiian age/climate gradients, and the Calhoun CZO. My interests include pedology, soil chemistry, and biogeochemistry.

BSES Water and Soil Resources 2014
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